【Official】Sungreen Kikugawa

Relaxing and relaxing ...

Surrounded by the abundant nature that nurtures the earth in the sunshine
An inn full of humanity and a constant smile.
Sungreen Kikugawa, there is a moment of relaxation from the bottom of my heart.

Four attractions of Sungreen Kikugawa

  • Reasons to be chosen

    1 Kikugawa Onsen 
       The beauty hot spring, which has a reputation for making your skin smooth, will heal your body and soul.

    2 Seasonal cooking  
       In addition to the abundant mountain products, fresh seafood sent directly from Karato Market
       Hospitality with the passion of the chief chef

    3 Selectable room  
       There are 7 types of rooms such as Western-style rooms, Japanese-style rooms, Japanese-style rooms and Western-style rooms.
       Please choose your favorite room according to the usage scene

    Four Rich nature and tourist location
       Appreciating the starry sky and fireflies.There is also a golf course, a tourist farm, and a hot spring pool nearby.
       Kaikyokan, Castle Town Chofu, and Tsunoshima Ohashi Bridge, Motonosumi Shrine and Akiyoshidai Plateau are within the prefecture.
       Easy access to popular tourist spots, ideal for sightseeing bases

Information on lunch, banquet, and catering

  • Heartfelt hospitality

    From small lunches with friends to banquets such as memorial services, ceremonies, and alumni associations
    We offer a variety of dishes and venues to suit your purpose.
    We also have a catered lunch for meals at home.
    Please feel free to contact us.

Hotel Facilities

  • Restaurant

    The dinner / breakfast venue for hotel guests is here.
    We have a lunch buffet only on Wednesdays.

    *Kaiseki meals (reservation required) are available for day trip dinners.

    Open Hours
    【Lunch】Wednesday only 11:30 to 14:00(13:00 Order stop)
    【Dinner】From 18:00 to 21:00
  • Banquet Hall

    We have a large banquet hall (Sakura / Uguisu) and a small banquet hall (Ae-no-ma).
    Remove the partition according to the number of customers and your wishes
    It can also be used by a large number of people.
    All seats are table and chair seats, so elderly people and small children can rest assured.
    Available for use.

    If you want to use it, please make a reservation in advance.

    Open Hours
    【Lunch】From 11:00 to 15:00
    【Dinner】From 18:00 to 21:00
  • Training room(Soleil)

    For meetings, conferences and training

    If you want to use it, please make a reservation in advance.

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Google Map

Hotel Name

Sungreen Kikugawa


511-6 Shimookaeda, Kikugawa Town, Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi Prefecture

Telephone number



In the case of a car:Chugoku Expressway / Ozuki IC toward Nagato(About 8 minutes)
By train:About 10 minutes by car from Ozuki Station JR Sanyo Main Line
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About measures to prevent Novel Coronavirus Disease

  • We are taking the following measures to prevent infectious diseases caused by the Novel Coronavirus

    【1】A non-contact thermometer and alcohol for sterilization are installed at the entrance.
    【2】In consideration of your health, safety and public health, in addition to normal room cleaning, doorknobs and
       Carefully sterilize the parts that come into contact with your hands, such as the table, with alcohol.
       We are here.
    【3】We thoroughly manage the health and hygiene of our staff, and wear temperature measurement, disinfection, and masks.
       I will do it.

    Thank you for your understanding.

Reservation / Inquiry

If you have any questions, please contact us.